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Terms of Reference (ToR) for hiring a Manager to lead the operations and management of the ULFA Lounge on the Capitol Hill of the UL

1. Introduction

The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA), Inc. has decided to set-up a Lounge which shall serve as a complementary source of revenue for the Association. For this purpose, ULFA have renovated a building on the Capitol Hill Campus of the University of Liberia (UL) to host the Lounge that will operate a restaurant. ULFA therefore wishes to hire a professional Business Manager to oversee the operations and management of the ULFA Lounge.

2. Background

The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) is the Umbrella Organization for all faculties on the four campuses of the UL. The Association is responsible to engage with the UL and stakeholders for the improvement of the welfare of its members. ULFA is represented by its elected officials led by the President. The Association believes in honesty and the intellectual might of the pen.

3. Objectives and outputs of the assignment

The manager and his/her staff will be the face of the business and as such are an invaluable resource in the success of the business and helping ULFA achieve both short-term and long-term goals. The overall objective of the assignment of the Manager is to work along with the leadership of ULFA to operate and manage the ULFA Lounge as a business in a sustainable and professional manner.

The specific objectives of the assignment, which will serve to bring about the overall objective, are:

  • Work along with the ULFA leadership to select, furnish and operationalize the ULFA Lounge
  • Work along with the ULFA leadership to identify and recruit competent staff for the operations of the ULFA Lounge;
  •  Oversee the Management and the daily operations of the ULFA Lounge;
  • Providing general customer services tasks, including handling customer enquiries and complaints, taking reservations and advising customers:
  • Ensure proper accountability and safety of all assets of the ULFA Lounge;
  • Make daily and/or monthly financial report to the leadership of ULFA;
  • Perform all other duties as assigned

4. Qualification requirements

The qualification of the Manager is as follows:

  1. Must have 5 years of experience as a Bar & Restaurant General Manager or similar role;
  2. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Social Science and/or related field or an Associate Degree/Certification/ Advance Diploma from a Technical Institute in Hospitality Management;
  3. Must have Extensive food and wine knowledge;
  4. Must have Computer literacy;
  5. Must have familiarity with bar & restaurant management software;
  6. Must possess good moral character;
  7. Must have a strong hospitality and communication skill;
  8. Must demonstrate high level of professional conduct;
  9. Must be able to work as a team-player with minimum supervision;
  10. Must be an innovative and creative thinker;
  11. Must have the ability to work long hours;
  12. Must have strong management, administration and organizational skills;
  13. Must have experience in event planning;
  14. Must be able to prioritize and juggle multiple responsibilities;
  15. Good financial management skills;

Job duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Managing and overseeing administrative aspects of day to day operations.
  2. Maintaining current liquor licenses, identifying and contacting potential suppliers, and negotiating contracts.
  3. Identifying and setting benchmark goals for the business.
  4. Deliver superior customer services.
  5. Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  6. Plan and develop customers’ loyalty programs.
  7. Plan new and update existing menus.
  8. Plan and develop the overall bar & restaurant marketing strategy.
  9. Participate at local food events.
  10. Respond efficiently to customer questions and complaints.
  11. Manage and lead staff.
  12. Training and evaluate staff performance.
  13. Estimate consumption, forecast requirements, track and maintain inventory.
  14. Manage bar and restaurant supplies.
  15. Control costs and minimize waste.
  16. Nurture a positive working environment.
  17. Monitor operations and initiate corrective actions.
  18. Implement innovative strategies to improve productivity and sales.

Responsible to:  The Chairman: Ways, Means, and Finance Committee; University of Liberia Faculty Association

Responsible for: Bar manager, restaurant manager, sound system technician, house keepers and any other staff working in the employ of the University of Liberia Faculty Association Bar & Restaurant.

The qualified candidate should send their resume and a cover letter not later than May 10, 2023 at 1700hrs stating their motivation and suitability for the job to

The letter should be addressed to:

Mrs. Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh


Faculty Welfare committee – ULFA

University of Liberia

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